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Mayor's Message

Meet Our Mayor, Diane Causey

"It has been my privilege to serve as the mayor of the City of Coolidge since 2000. My focus is to strive for continual improvement to the quality of life for our citizens and to encourage residential and commercial growth in our city. Our city council members are proud of the accomplishments of upgrading critical facilities and infrastructure, renovating residential homes, and completing various other projects. These improvements have been a benefit to the quality of life for our residents.

​"The city currently has several businesses that support our economic standing. We are fortunate to have a division of Woodhaven Industries, Meherrin Ag, Food Champ and Convenience Stores, LEM Marketing, Patel Motors, Dollar General, and various residential businesses to serve our citizens, surrounding community, and visitors. We are also proud to call Hurst Boiler and Welding Company a member of our business community. Hurst Boiler has supported and assisted our community efforts and needs since their founding in 1967.

​"Our city is a quiet bedroom community in Thomas County with a low crime rate. We are also growing in opportunities for community involvement. The Coolidge Community Association organizes and leads a variety of community events. An additional amenity includes our Public Library, a branch of the Thomas County Library System. The library provides books and literature, computer access, as well as educational and leisure programs.

Coolidge is blessed to have several active churches in the city including Brightside Worship Center, Coolidge Baptist Church, Coolidge Church of God, New Bethel Church, Silver Hill Baptist Church, and St. Paul Missionary Church. Our faith-based organizations contribute not only to spiritual guidance but also to unity and stability within our city.

"I am proud of Coolidge and look forward to continued residential and commercial growth. I am committed, along with the governing body of our city, the city employees, and with the support of our residents, to providing a high quality of life and service to our community."

Warm Regards,


Diane Causey
Mayor of Coolidge